Design inspired by city living

What makes the Siematic style collection URBAN so versatile and unique? It is the unconventional, intuitive juxtaposition of carefully selected objects and thematic contrasts: exciting and peaceful, strange and familiar, modest and ostentatious, flea market find and design classic.

It is the individual aesthetics that tell a story of the experience, values and contrasts of a unique personality. It is “solitaire” planning in which each object has a relationship with its neighbour.

The elegant combination of design and function

Product Overview At A Glance

  • Numerous cabinet combinations available in different widths, with closed doors, glass doors or open shelves, which can be equipped with appliances.
  • The characteristic legs create a feeling of a freestanding furniture element.
  • The little “kitchen garden” not only provides fresh herbs every day, it also brings warmth and nature into the room.
  • The variability of the drawer system elements creates nearly infinite options for arrangement.
  • Intelligent functions, such as the charging station for tablets and smartphones, make the sideboard a state-of-the-art piece of furniture.

Experience the impressive functionality, high-quality materials and design of SieMatic URBAN for yourself.

Arena has a vast range of SieMatic kitchens on display in their showrooms that are fully functional and provide you with the perfect opportunity to explore your options.
Our kitchen design experts are available to provide product demonstrations and guide you through the wide range of features and options to match your personal taste.