Minimalist, Modern & Geometric Language
True personality does not submit to any norm. The expressive design of SieMatic MONDIAL speaks a minimalist, modern and geometric language of form without With bold colours and shapes, paired with expressive materials and material thicknesses, it transcends the boundaries of kitchen design.

Open up to an emotional world of opulence, simplicity and sensuality.

Product overview at a glance

  • Combines the simplicity of geometric shapes with the opulence of expressive materials
  • Combination of natural materials creates an impressive visual and tactile experience.
  • A testament to the relentless pursuit of maximum perfection.
  • Timeless elegant colour selection

Experience the impressive functionality, high-quality materials and design of SieMatic MONDIAL for yourself.

Arena has a vast range of SieMatic kitchens on display in their showrooms that are fully functional and provide you with the perfect opportunity to explore your options.
Our kitchen design experts are available to provide product demonstrations and guide you through the wide range of features and options to match your personal taste.