SieMatic SLX Shines

in Kitchen Luxury & Coastal Ambiance

Colour Finish

SieMatic SteinGrau & Pristine White


Soft lacquer Matte finish SLX cabinets for luxurious texture and durability.

Handle Finish

Sleek Handle-Less Design adds a touch of modern minimalism.


SieMatic 6mm thin Ceramic countertop in neutral Concrete, the thinnest stone worktop globally.


SLX lighting system from SieMatic with dynamic warm to cold white transitions, enhancing both functionality and ambiance.

Contemporary Culinary Spaces

Harmonising with Harbour Views

Nestled against the mesmerising backdrop of Howth’s harbour, Arena Kitchens has orchestrated a symphony of culinary sophistication.

Commissioned to craft an ultra-modern, high-quality kitchen, the design team embarked on a mission to marry form and function, seamlessly blending with the contemporary aesthetic of a residence overlooking the Irish Sea.

At the heart of this culinary seascape lies the SieMatic 6mm thin Ceramic countertop in the neutral Concrete shade – an ode to innovation and refinement. Recognised as the thinnest stone worktop globally, it effortlessly integrates into the design, reflecting the ever-changing tides just beyond the window.

The handleless design of the SieMatic soft lacquer Matte finish cabinets introduces a modern minimalism aesthetic. Integrated into a special handleless rail, this cutting-edge lighting solution not only adds a touch of drama to the kitchen but also provides practical illumination for culinary endeavours.

With the ability to seamlessly transition from warm to cold white, the lighting is controlled effortlessly using a SieMatic remote control system, allowing homeowners to tailor the ambiance to the ever-changing lighting conditions around the sea.

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