A Glimpse Inside Howth Castle’s Cookery School SieMatic Kitchens

Harmony of History and Functionality

Elevating Howth Castle Cookery School with SieMatic and Gaggenau

Nestled within the walls of the historic Howth Castle in Dublin, the renowned Howth Castle Cookery School has undergone a transformative culinary journey, thanks to Arena Kitchens. Renowned for their expertise, Arena Kitchens seamlessly integrated SieMatic Kitchens and Gaggenau appliances into this 18th Century Georgian kitchen.

Arena Kitchens brought a touch of timeless elegance to the Howth Castle Cookery School with SieMatic kitchens. The fusion of contemporary design and historical charm is evident in every detail, creating a space that pays homage to the past while embracing modern efficiency.

The installation wouldn’t be complete without the culinary innovation of Gaggenau. From cutting-edge ovens to high-performance cooktops, Gaggenau’s appliances, seamlessly integrated by Arena Kitchens, provide chefs and enthusiasts with the latest in cooking technology.